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Key reasons to choose Sunlight Charge Products


Phosphorescence offers more than just safety signage and glow-in-the-dark toys. Sunlight Charge applies this versatility to home, garden, and everyday life.


Dependable Quality

Made in Japan from safe and reliable materials under strict quality control. We strive to provide this level of craftsmanship at prices any customer can afford.


Zero Maintenance

No electricity or batteries means clean, easy, carbon-neutral illumination. And no electronics or moving parts means no need to worry about maintenance!

Zero Maintenance
Dependable Quality for Peace of Mind and Easier Living.


The current Sunlight Charge line of products.

Clear Case Series

Portable Convenience

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Panel Series

Great for Outdoor Spaces

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Rope and Post Series

Perfect for Safety Lighting

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The Sunlight Charge Advantage

Features that help us outshine the competition


Reducing energy consumption not only conserves resources, but also lightens your electricity bill.


No battery required. No moving parts to replace. Simple, dependable, and long-lasting performance.


Phosphorescence works without any electricity or fuel source beyond simple light absorbtion, so is naturally carbon-neutral.


Completely unaffected by power outages. No need to worry about batteries running out or how long you'll be without power.

The Science of Sunlight Charge

Learn more about the science that makes our products possible.

How Phosphorescence Works

This diagram illustrates the basic mechanism for Sunlight Charge produtcs, and phosphorescent materials in general.

phosphorescent illumination mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

about how Sunlight Charge products work.
  • What is phosphorescence?
  • Phosphorescence is a material property of some chemical compounds allowing them to absorb light, which is then stored and re-emitted as luminescent light. Phosphorescent material is commonly called "glow-in-the-dark."
  • Are Sunlight Charge products different from glow-in-the-dark toys?
  • The short answer is "No." However, recent phosphorescent products use a newer material, strontium aluminate, which glows brighter and longer than older materials. Sunlight Charge products use a recent Japanese-made version of this pigment which holds a longer afterglow. Similar materials are now used for emergency exit signs at US federal facilities, now mandatory after the events of September 11.
  • Do the products need bright sunlight to store energy?
  • No. Direct sunlight is more efficient, but our products can also absorb light from indirect light or indoor lighting. Direct sunlight provides a fully-charged product in about 20 minutes. Depending on lighting conditions, other light sources may take up to 1 hour to fully charge. But remember that phosphorescent products are always "on", so it is best to either charge just before using, or continue charging throughout the day while not in use.
  • How long does the light last and how bright is it?
  • Our long afterglow pigment can glow brighter and up to 10 times longer than other phosphorescent pigments. Phosphorescent pigments all gradually dim over several hours as they emit energy. Our quality material maintains high brightness for 1 hour, and continues to emit gradually dimming light up to 12 hours.
  • Can the products be used outdoors?
  • Yes. Our products contain only phosphorescent mineral material and plastic, so they are safe to use indoors, outdoors, or even in water. Unless the glowing area is dirt-covered or damaged, it will continue storing and emitting light semi-permanently.
  • Do the products contain any harmful materials?
  • No, our products contain no hazardous metals or radioactive substances. But as with most plastics, you should not ingest or burn the material.

Inspiring Ideas

for using Sunlight Charge products

Rather than try to tell you what our products can do, we'll let you see for yourself some of the many ways that Sunlight Charge could help brighten up your life.
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Panel for Safety with Style
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Panel for Home Lighting
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Panel and Clear Case for Yard Decor
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Interior Decor as well as Guidance
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Panel for Camping Guidance
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Panel for Tile Flooring
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Panel for Outdoor Guidance
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Panel for Garden Lighting

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